Pets Charity and Christmas!

Pets, Charity, and Christmas – what could be better??

This year I volunteered to do pet photos at my local Global Pet Foods.  I should mention that I also work part time there as a store associate, so the gig did rather fall into my lap!  The store owner allowed me to name my charities this year, and I chose Ugly Mutts and the Toronto Cat Rescue.

We arranged a 15 minute mini shoot in a semi-private area of the store and encouraged owners of dogs and cats to book an appointment, as well as drop in for their photos.  For a 20.00 donation, each pet received 2 digital 5×7 sized photos, and were able to purchase a printable holiday card with their pet’s photos on it for a minimal fee.  These are a few of our photos:

Christmas pets

Armed with my trusty (and talented!) assistant Emily, we managed to capture most of our visitors quickly and efficiently.  Not saying there weren’t numerous outtakes, as well as some VERY camera shy pets, but I was quite pleased with the final outcome.  These are a few of the outtakes.

pet bloopers

We are looking to benefit new charities for Christmas 2014, so feel free to make recommendations!

Regardless of whether the photos were fun or serious, we were definitely left with Memories for Generations!

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