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Cows on the Farm


So today I woke up to my favourite kind of day of the year.  A crisp morning with plenty of fog or mist.  We only get a short number of these days, and I’ve been waiting for MONTHS for these days to arrive!

You see, I really enjoy getting out and taking photos of landscapes, nature, and animals.  I’ve wanted forever to capture a stream, a barn, a lounging cow – all in the early morning fog.  There’s just something magical and peaceful about these days, these mornings, out in the country.  It was my hope that I could capture a little piece of that magic to share with you.

I hustled the kiddos off to school, grabbed my gear, and stepped out on to my front porch.  Only to find the mist had dissipated in under 10 minutes 🙁  I thought “heck with it” (well not exactly those words, but we will discuss my vulgar language another time), and headed out anyways.  I live in an agriculturally rich area, and it’s really only a short drive to the more rural parts.

On my drive out of town, I observed a few things: Apples were hanging very heavy on the orchard trees, corn fields are starting to be cleared, and there’s not a lick of fog left to be found anywhere.  I also realized that all the times I had passed the things I wanted to photograph, I never once took a note of the actual location!  That’s ok.  I’m a mom, I can work with just about anything.  I might be like McGyver, even.

Convincing myself of my awesomeness, I come up on my first farm animals in the fields.  And it was along the road with a minimal, soft shoulder.  Of course bordered by a nice deep ditch, and enough traffic to be passed regularly at about 80km/h.  So I decide, Molly Make-do that I am, I will shoot from my vehicle.  It will be perfect!  I will use the windowsill as my tripod!

I whip out my camera with my “big” lens (170-500mm), clear the passenger seat (because I drive on the right side of the road and therefore the passenger side is closest to my animal subjects), and prepare to move over.  Smart overachiever that I am, I don’t get out and run around the vehicle and get in the passenger side.  Oh no… I decide I’m just going to ‘slip’ across to the seat, snap some shots, then ‘slip’ back to the driver’s seat and carry on.  And by slip, I mean pull my foot up by my ear, hoisting it over the shifter in the middle, knocking the rearview mirror askew, before placing it on the passenger floor.  Then I skim my generously proportioned rear cheeks over the console in the centre.  Falling gracefully into the passenger seat, camera in hand, left foot in the air beside the driver’s window, I shimmy into position.  Frankly, I was pretty proud of myself.  Mostly because no one passed me during this time, and therefore didn’t feel obligated to stop and offer to help.  I got a few photos, and decided to move on.

At the next location, I did not switch seats.

Cows and Horses

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