I am a custom family and event photographer located in Waterloo Ontario Canada.  I regularly travel within an hour’s radius of my home, but am open to all locations, so don’t hesitate to ask!

I have been photographing with an SLR camera for close to a decade, but only recently began seriously persuing my hobby as more than just a hobby.  This has all kinds of benefits to you: lower pricing being the most obvious, more availability or a shorter wait time to book, willingness to try new things at least once, and a fresh new look at things a more experienced photographer has already done a million times before.

I don’t accept a lot of sessions in a short time frame, not because I am not capable, but because I like to spend extra time delivering EXACTLY what you want!  Each session or event is still new and important to me.  With your input I plan your session, from locations to poses.  I check out unfamiliar places, gauge lighting conditions and set up in advance.  Afterwards, I painstakingly view each and every single photo, critique it, and either discard or edit it for your inspection.

I have my own style, as do all photographers, in my photography.  I like vivid, intimate (close-up) portraits.  I prefer to capture fairly candid shots of children, and like to book a couple of hours to meet you at your location so the kids can get to know me and be more comfortable.  I will sometimes offer a new technique in my editing for your consideration if I think it suits the photo.  The great thing about being a CUSTOM photographer, is if you don’t like it, or you’d like to see the same photo with a different process, I will do that for you.  See a colour you think would be nicer in black and white?  Done.  🙂  It’s my goal to have you enjoy your sessions with me so much that you not only return, but tell your friends as well! Please feel free to check out my Galleries to get an idea of the photos that I take!

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have.  The only stupid questions there are, are the ones left unasked, right?  You can reach me at my Contact page or directly at radtkesroost@zoho.com.